Composite photos are a unique and fun photography option for just about any occasion. Whether it’s a one-of-a-kind gift for a loved one or the perfect photography print of your family for that bare wall in your living room, photo composites are a great way to express your creative side, while capturing the special moments in your life forever. You can do just about anything with a composite photo. They can range from simple to the non-ordinary. If you’re looking for a little inspiration check out some of our favorite ideas for composite photos.

Natures Finest

Wanting to capture the beauty of nature in a way you thought you never could? With composite photography, you can create any type of illusion you desire that encompasses your thoughts and feelings in the outside world. Put yourself in a perspective like no other, the example below does just that. Nature is beautiful, and composite photography can help you capture that beauty of the outdoors in just one photo. Making the perfect piece of wall decor for your home or office. 

Box Composites

These box photo composites are a special way to capture your kids or family in just one photograph. Each photo can capture whatever collection of subject matter or images you desire to then be combined into one beautiful piece of art. Box composites make perfect household decor for your family or a great gift for a loved one. Your box composite photography options are endless, whether they are themed or random you can create one unique photograph in just one photography session. 

Delicious Treats

Warning, the following composite photographs may make you hungry! Everybody loves food, why not capture it in a composite photo. Yes, we can create quite the scene using food as a subject matter in these photographs. Food and cooking composites can tell a fun story or just make an eye-catching photo that everyone will be excited to see. Your kids will be sure to have fun staging this unique photography scene!

Pick Your Theme

From holidays to birthday celebrations, a themed composite photo can make a great gift or even a holiday card everyone will be talking about. These Christmas composites are a fun way to get your family in the holiday spirit and can make the ideal seasonal decor. Choose your desired theme and create a composite out of it, this is a great way to let your imagination run wild!

Your Favorite Animal

Some animals, whether they are real or mythical, are often too difficult to capture during your normal photography session. Why not create a photo composite out of them! Dinosaurs, unicorns, or even deer and cattle, design a unique scene and make it come to life. What a great way to express love and creativity for you and your kids’ favorite animals.

Eric Miele is a Monmouth County NJ Photographer who can make your visions come to life. At AJK Photography we specialize in Composite Photography and pride ourselves in creating images and photographs that capture your most precious that can be kept and displayed for years to come! Contact us today for a consultation to see how we can help you!