5 Portrait Photography Tips – If you are a portrait photographer, or aspire to be one, you know there is a huge difference between amateur and professional portraits. From aperture and shutter speed to lens choices and lighting, so many components go into taking the perfect picture. Here are five tips to get you started.

  1. Compensation: The metering system on your camera is critical in taking good photographs. It determines the amount of light that should enter the camera for the proper exposure. It does have some drawbacks, though. It typically takes an average reading, usually a midtone, which is about halfway between white and black. Most times, it’s pretty accurate. But sometimes, such as when the frame is subject to areas of extreme darkness or brightness, it can make mistakes. You don’t want to underexpose the shot, which can happen, for example, with light skin tones. This is most prevalent in full-face photos or when a lot of white is involved. Perfect example? Brides. No worries, You can correct this by tweaking the exposure compensation controls. You could dial to +1 stop of positive exposure compensation, increasing until you find the right one.
  2. Aperture Use: We recommend setting a wide aperture for shallow depths of field. This will blur out the background and help your subject stand out more. Try shooting in Aperture Priority mode to better control this depth of field.
  3. Shutter Speeds: When determining your shutter speeds, consider the lens’ focal length or you may experience blurring or shaking. It should be higher than your effective focal length. You may be able to rely on slower shutter speeds through the use of a wide-angle lens. For action shots, set your camera to anti-shake for crystal clear results.
  4. Boost Your ISO: Blinking and blurring is a common result in shots. To avoid this, use a faster shutter speed. This will give you sharper shots without blurring or getting so many blink shots. When you’re in Aperture Priority mode, increase your ISO, especially when in low light.
  5. Choosing a Lens: The right lens is critical in the quality of portrait photos you take. If you’re going for visual impact, you need a wide-angle lens. The lens you choose can also help you trick the eye and change perspective, such as when shooting from a low angle to make your subject look taller. Just don’t get too close or you’ll experience distortion. With a medium telephoto such as 85mm or 105mm, the quality of the background also comes into play, in addition to the subject, offering yet another visual point of interest. For stunning photos, try a telephoto lens where you can zoom in for closer focus.

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