You recently got engaged to the love of your life. It’s time to embrace this once in a lifetime moment! You may have hit the point where you are ready to start your wedding planning. Most likely, getting engagement photos to record this new phase in your relationship has crossed your mind. In this case here are 5 reasons why you and your partner should hire a professional engagement photographer.

1.Captures a once in a lifetime moment.

Life is short but significant moments like this are even shorter. Getting engaged is one of those life-changing moments that typically occurs only once between you and your partner. All the more reason to professionally capture the love and happiness between you and your partner at this special time. Hiring a professional photographer to take your engagement photos will provide you with memories of your engagement that are guaranteed to last forever. There’s nothing like looking back on your beautiful engagement photos during your 10 year wedding anniversary or having the ability to share that special moment with your kids or grandkids.

2. The perfect gift or keepsake for your wedding party and loved ones.

Wondering what to do with your engagement photos? Well, these professionally taken prints make an ideal gift for your wedding party or special loved ones. Better yet, all of your engagement portraits can be used as accessories throughout your wedding, whether you want to incorporate them into the invitation or even the wedding ceremony. Gifting an engagement album to your parents and grandparents is sure to bring on some happy tears!

3. Great practice for wedding photos!

Your wedding day is sure to be a day filled with pictures, but this engagement photoshoot would be great practice for those future wedding shots! That’s right, an engagement photography session makes the perfect trial for the photos on your big day. You and your partner will have the opportunity to experiment with different photography styles, shots, poses, and much more. Once you receive your prints you can get a better idea of how your wedding day photos may come out. Plus, you’re capturing these special memories before your wedding day! 

4. A perfect way to announce your engagement.

Brainstorming the perfect way to announce your engagement to the ones you love? An engagement photography session is your solution. High-quality photos of you and your partner are a great way to tell your friends and family about your special announcement. Whether it’s online or by mail your loved ones are sure to enjoy your beautiful engagement portraits. 

5. Brides! Combine it with a makeup and hair consultation.

As a busy bride to be you are most likely juggling the many appointments, consultations, and tasks that come along with the wedding planning process. During your engagement photo session, you have the perfect opportunity to test out a potential makeup artist or hair look that you are considering for the big day. Getting to see how professional photographs are done may take some of the stress out of photographs on your wedding day.

At AJK Photography we pride ourselves in providing you with a personalized photography experience that meets your wants and needs. As a Monmouth County, NJ engagement photographer who served clients all over New Jersey, we specialize in a wide range of photography options. From engagement and family portraits to composite and cake smash photos we are here to provide you with quality prints of those special memories that will last you forever! Contact us today to learn about how we customize packages for our clients.