Let’s face it, time flies. Before we know it, our family and friends are growing older and we are sending the babies we once held in our arms off to college. Through all of the hustle and bustle in life, how often have you considered having professional pictures taken of you and your family? With springtime approaching it’s the perfect time to schedule your spring professional family photographs. Don’t wait until your kids are in their 30’s to get your family portraits taken. Keep reading to discover the reasons why family portraits are an important investment that should be made sooner rather than later!

Document Your Growing Family

Professional family photographs are one of the best ways to document your growing family. Whether it’s a new addition or your sprouting children. These photographs make a wonderful way to document your family and measure their rapid growth over the years. Taking portraits every year or even every few years leaves you with a beautiful timeline of photos that capture the love and growth of your family.

Create New Memories & Relive the Old Ones

A professional family photography session can be an experience that creates new and meaningful memories for you and your family. In a studio or out on the beach, the times spent taking these pictures are ones you can look back on forever. You can reminisce about the events that took place just as those photos were being taken. Maybe your daughter lost her two front teeth, or your son had a crazy hair-do. These photos are meant to be looked back on for years to come. Or better yet, these are the perfect photos to embarrass your kids with when they’re older!

For Future Generations To Come

Your professional family portraits serve a purpose that goes beyond a lifetime. Imagine how much your kids, grandkids, and even your great-grandkids will value these photographs in their lives. Whether they are kept in albums or hung up in their homes, these are a great way to remember loved ones. Portraits are investments that go beyond just the here and now. 

Serves Many Purposes Throughout Life

Looking to personalize or spruce up a blank wall in your home? Portraits are a wonderful solution. They are the ideal piece of decor to instantly warm up and make your house inviting to all. They are also a constant reminder of the things that bring joy to your life. Along with that these family portraits can serve endless purposes throughout your and your family’s lifetime. From gifts and Christmas cards to a perfect meaningful piece of party or even wedding decor, all of your most important life events can include a reflection of your most meaningful memories.

An Overall Lifetime Investment

The secret lies within the bigger picture; having professional family portraits taken can serve a long term purpose, making it one of your most meaningful investments. In the grand scheme of things, high-quality professional family photographs are meant to last forever and be valued for years to come, making them a quality investment to make for you and your family.

Capturing life’s most meaningful moments is Eric Miele, a professional family photographer in NJ. At AJK Photography we pride ourselves in creating high-quality portraits and prints for you and your family. An investment you are guaranteed to be proud of! Contact us today for a consultation to see how we can help you!