More Portrait Photography Tips – Last month, we gave you five tips to take great portrait photography. We’ll continue that theme this month with five more tips.

1.      Creatively Stage Your Compositions

It’s all too easy to get lazy with your compositions, standing way back to include all or the top half of your subject. Try instead to zoom in so you can fill the frame for added inspiration and creativity. For instance, position your subject off to one side of the frame, featuring a wide aperture and shallow depth of field.

2.      Foster Rapport

When your subject is uncomfortable, it comes through on film. Strike up a conversation beforehand with your subject to put them at ease. Discuss ideas, have a cup of coffee and relax. When shooting, give some direction to ease the tension but don’t be too bossy. Build their confidence by showing them some samples after every few shots.

3.      Utilize a Reflector

A quick way to add professionalism and brightness to your finished pieces is to use a reflector. This is ideal for use outdoors or even indoors where there is a lot of natural light, such as near a window. This will help fill in shadows that can otherwise mar a good shot. Reflectors are typically available in white, silver and gold surfaces. Don’t have the cash for a reflector right now? Use a sheet of white cardboard or even cover it with tin foil if you’re going for a silver effect. Same results, cheap.

4.      Get the Focus Right

Depth of field reduces by a lot when you use a wide aperture lens. That’s why you need stellar focus; otherwise, you could get uneven focus on your subject. For tight composition, put the focus on the eyes; with a wide composition, put more of a focus on the head. Try an autofocus setting for more targeted compositions.

5.      Pose Subjects Correctly

The way your subject poses has a big impact on the finished product. Even a small change in facial expression can alter the feel of the photograph. To cover yourself, capture a wide range of expressions and positions so you have more options to choose from later. Encourage your subject to look away from the camera, off to the side, up or down. Posing straight-on isn’t the only option. In fact, off-camera glances often make for a better photo.

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