New Jersey portrait photographer

New Jersey portrait photographerLooking at this photo, you may be wondering how on earth did I get three little toddlers to pose for me like this.  Simple!  I talk to my clients about their children’s likes.  It makes such a difference to go in to a photo session prepared in this way.  Knowing what a child likes makes it much easier to get their attention for those images where you want a specific posed look.   Having all the adults around shouting at the child to look at the camera only makes them stressed and looking a the adults, not the camera.  I prefer to naturally get their attention with something they personally like to see. There is a very short window where you can get a child to look.  After that is burned out, it’s on to candids.  In this photo shoot posted above, at their age, they were getting into videos.  I held my ipad below the strobe light to get all three to look where I wanted.  It took very few takes to achieve the look I wanted.  By spending a few minutes discussing your children’s likes can save a lot of time, shouting and stress at the photo session.